Mobile Advantage


at your fingertips!

As owner of HAND & HAND Mobile Massage, my qualified professional expertise as a massage therapist has allowed me to feel, first hand, people’s frustration over scheduling conflicts, selecting the right massage therapist, pricing issues and ultimately…results that last after the drive back home! The problem? Finding someone who has addressed all these concerns in one premium quality package. The answer? Mobile Massage from HAND & HAND Mobile Massage. If you’re spending time and money driving to get a massage, I invite you to compare the difference between HAND & HAND Mobile Massage and a “drive-over-to-their-place” massage:


Longest Lasting

Seriously, how many times have you received a massage from a “drive-over-to-their-place” venue only to have the wonderful effects of the experience be lost in heavy traffic, nagging cell phones and the constant stress of losing time? With a Mobile Massage from HAND & HAND Mobile Massage the experience lasts longer because it’s at a location of your choosing, eliminating the chances of losing your ultimate goal, relaxation! Think about it. It’s easier to stay relaxed and stress-free if you’re not immediately driving around after your massage. At Home or Office, we bring the experience to you. The result is a terrific massage with prolonged effects.


Most Convenient

Home or Office. You have a choice‚ because I come to you! Whether you need the stress-relieving “escape” of an In-Office Chair Massage or desire an In-Home Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage to aid in healing an injury, relieving tired, over-worked muscles or to recover from the calls of “life.” Now you not only feel better, but you’ve saved money, gas and time. You’ve virtually added :15 minutes to 1-hour to your day or evening by not driving. With HAND & HAND Mobile Massage the choice is yours!


Most Flexible Schedules

You have your schedule‚ we’ll work with it. Not the other way around. Available from 8am-10pm, Monday-Saturday by appointment only. Whether you’re in Ventura or Los Angeles Counties, with HAND & HAND Mobile Massage, it’s easy to fit a massage into your schedule.


Most Affordable

HAND & HAND Mobile Massage
cost of massage = ahhhhhh!


massage venue
cost of gas +
(time x round trip drive) +
cost of massage = $pent!

Do the math. It’s easy to see the immediate savings. Now, add the fact that a mobile massage from HAND & HAND Mobile Massage costs the same or less than most “drive-over-to-their-place” venues and it becomes a no-brainer. The only answer is a Mobile Massage from HAND & HAND Mobile Massage.