Zone Balance Therapy

Zone Balance Therapy (ZBT) is a highly sophisticated and powerfully effective holistic health form that balances the body’s natural signal system through techniques performed on the client’s feet. Brought to this country by a European medical doctor, and now used in this country by naturopaths, chiropractors and other holistic practitioners, this work has advanced to a level unparalleled in the alternative health community. Although, ZBT holds its roots in Reflexology, with the work  performed on the feet, this is where the similarities end. Using very specific techniques and a systematic protocol, ZBT activates the body’s signal system. It rejuvenates and helps to restore all levels of the body.


Zone Balance works through the body’s signal system. Every cell and organ in the body is connected to this signal system. It is through this system that the body may be corrected, balanced, and renewed.  This signal system is a connecting link between our four bodies: the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, and the etheric or spiritual body.


The etheric blueprint is connected to the cells in the physical body and holds the pattern for the DNA. The etheric blueprint holds and carries the original memory of how to build a perfect cell. From creation on, every cell is programmed with the ability to renew itself. This is the basis for all healing. Without this pattern, the cell cannot heal itself.


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Causes for Disturbances in the Body’s Signal System
  • Everything that is foreign to our bodies:
  • wrong food
  • contaminated food
  • polluted water
  • polluted air
  • chemicals
  • heavy metals
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Stress and Emotional disturbances
  • Using negative words or harboring negative thoughts and feelings or hatred
Benefits of Zone Balance
  • Renewal and rejuvenation of the body’s cell systems
  • Accurate information on the body’s current condition
  • Renewal of the body’s life energy
  • Balance in the body’s systems, individually and in relation to each other
  • Disease prevention
  • Enduring health and a strong immune response
  • Help in regaining health after illness and injuries
  • Increased longevity
Why Do We Need Zone Balance?
  • Renewal of our cell systems
  • Renewed life energy
  • Helps the body to achieve Homeostasis
  • Helps us assess the body’s current state of health


Who Benefits from Zone Balance?
  • Everyone
Zone Balance Therapy History

The signal system in the feet was created when man was created. Most people walk around with it unaware, and many people die – not knowing that help has been at hand (and at foot) all their life.


The awareness of this signal system has come and gone with the rise and fall of civilization.


More than 5000 years ago, ZoneBalance was used as a healing method in India, China and in Egypt.  In fact, ancient renderings show people treating ailments through foot technique.


Most recently, in the early 1900’s, Dr. William Fitzgerald, an American nose and throat specialist, discovered that longitudinal zones in the body were connected to various points in the feet. While working in his specialty field, he realized that when using certain pressure points on the body, he was able to perform “minor surgery” without local analgesics.


About this time, a well-known medical critic and writer from New York City, Edwin Bowers, MD. heard of Dr. Fitzgerald’s work. In 1916, he published a research paper and christened the work Zone Therapy. It was from this work that Eunice Ingham Stopfel developed her own methods, which she named reflexology.


In the mid-1900’s, Ingham’s work found its way to Scandinavian countries. A Norwegian, Charles Ersdal MD, MA, was cured from paralysis with a form of the reflexology technique. However, he found that all who received treatment did not receive great beneficial results, thus prompting him to pursue further research.


After many years of refinement, Katri Nordblom, a Zone Therapist trained by Dr. Ersdal, began to teach the method in Sweden. In the Spring of 1989, Katri and her husband brought Zone Therapy to the U.S. Here, they continued to perform intensive research and in 1994 presented new study material to support an advanced rejuvenation system which they called ZoneBalance. Geri Mecham, a Foot Zonolgist, resolved to bring this system to California.


In the Fall of 2004, I attended the first State-Approved 200 Hour Zone Balance Therapy course in Simi Valley, CA. At that time, there were less than 500 Zone Balance practitioners in the entire United States. Today, that number has more than tripled.