Disregard It and It May Go Away.

Ignore It and It Can Kill You!

Comprehensive definition of STRESS:

A psychological and physical response of the body that occurs whenever we must adapt to changing conditions, whether those conditions be real or perceived.


‘Stress is an important ingredient in almost every fatal and non-terminal illness.’


Why Stress Is So Bad – Problem #1

Chronic, unmanaged stress from work, school, financial problems, and illness itself compromises the proper functioning of disease-fighting white blood cells, which monitor abnormal cell development and marshal attacks against invading organisms. When the immune system is weak, this abnormal cell growth can occur with little to keep it in check. It is believed that some cancers result from this process.


Why Stress Is So Bad – Problem #2

Constant stress produced by hostile feelings, anxiety, long hours, poor sleep, etc., contributes to cardiovascular disease by slowly creating fissures in arteries that carry blood to the heart. Over time, these ruts are filled in with cholesterol, which can build up to restrict, and even cut off, blood flow and harden (reduce elasticity) arteries. These conditions can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

” …in short, intense, constant stress can kill you.” – Maria Simonson, Ph.D.


Massage Works To Eliminate Stress And Promote Wellness

“Getting sufficient and regular rest enhances one’s potential to function without debilitating distress.’ Elizabeth Droz, Ph.D. Director, University Counseling Center, Division of Student Affairs, Binghamton University


HAND & HAND Mobile Massage helps rid your body of the damaging effects of stress, allowing you to be more productive, energetic and above all RESTED.


If you are currently using the services of another massage provider, then great! You already understand the value and importance of massage – but do they come to you? To those of you who have not yet considered the health benefits that massage therapy can bring to your life, our intent is to let you try our services and see for yourself that you can experience profound rest, physical relief, and a sense of well-being that you’ll wonder how your body ever lived without.