Thank You!

Thank You!

Hey Tom –


The pain in my abdomen has completely dissipated since you came here last Wednesday and has not returned. I sure hope I am not speaking too soon. However, even it if does return, this is the longest period of time since I can remember being pain-free and I sincerely thank you. I am not sure which pressure points you did with the reflexology, but they sure as heck worked and I am forever thankful for this. Danny is so ecstatic that he said should the pain reoccur, I need to phone you right away to set up an appointment. I guess this is a great way of ensuring you’ll be seeing us sooner than every 3 months huh??!! Anyway I really appreciate your giving me a real “workout” and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I also want to thank you again for seeing us when you were supposed to be on vacation – you goof!! Next time just let us know you’re taking time off and we will patiently wait until the minute you are back before we pounce on your expertise.

Take care,


Yvette S.