"Sleep Genius" for Better Sleep

"Sleep Genius" for Better Sleep

NASA Recognizes Sleep Genius Among 2015 Spinoff Success Stories

The research and technology used in Sleep Genius is being celebrated in the 2015 edition of NASA’s prestigious annual publication, Spinoff. Each year, Spinoff recognizes dozens of NASA technologies improving everything from medical devices and software to food and home products. Designed to showcase “the diverse benefits our nation enjoys from its investment in aeronautics and space missions,” the publication chose the “Sleep Genius” program as one of its featured technologies.


Discovering your perfect bedtime, and keeping it consistent, is the linchpin to reclaiming your sleep health. You ideally need to go to bed within 15 minutes of your target bed time.

Most people need to get 5 cycles of sleep, each of which lasts for approximately 90 minutes.

Revive Cycle Alarm

Sleep Genius gradually awakens you with a gentle 5 minute Revive Cycle scientifically created to help you wake to soothing sounds, welcoming you to a new day.

The progressive alarm helps you wake from any sleep stage with periodic sound cycles including micro phases of gradual frequency and volume shifts.

Eg if you set your alarm for 7am, your Revive Cycle alarm will start at 6.55am and end at 7am.

This helps you to wake gradually preventing elevated stress caused by noisy alarm clocks and sudden waking.

In time, your brain will learn a new wake rhythm allowing you to rise naturally as our ancestors did.

For best results wake at the same time each day.

Relaxation Program

The Sleep Genius Relaxation Program  was scientifically created to reduce stress and anxiety by calming both the mind and the body. Our acoustically modified music induces the relaxation response, targeting the cardiac and respiratory systems as well as synchronizing brain activity. To listen to the Relaxation Program, sit back in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Within minutes you will feel:

  • Your body relaxing,
  • Your breathing and heart rate slowing,
  • And your mind releasing its tension.

Try Relaxation before bed to improve your sleep, or anytime you need a break in your hectic day.

Power Nap

Recharge your brain with a Power Nap and wake up ready to conquer the rest of the day.

Not only will you feel more energetic and creative, but you will also be able to better handle social stress and overwhelming situations.

The Power Nap features psychoacoustic music that is scientifically designed to trigger the relaxation response, naturally inducing you to take a short nap.

Power Nap provides just the right amount of light sleep needed to recharge your mind. At the end of Power Nap, an alarm gradually wakes you up so you won’t oversleep.

Personalized Sleep Reporting

Sleep Genius provides personalized sleep reporting measuring Sleep Quantity, Sleep Quality, Sleep Schedule and Sleep Efficiency. The data from these reports is designed to help you monitor progress and  improve sleep habits over the long term.

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