Spring Cleaning, Yes! You Need Massage

Spring Cleaning, Yes! You Need Massage

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6 Natural Spring Cleaning Ideas for a Healthy Body & Mind – by Heath and Nicole Reed

To enjoy a continuum of health throughout the year, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) recommends practices for harmonizing with nature and the cycles of the seasons. TCM practitioners believe health is influenced and mirrored by nature and that we may optimize health by using approaches based on five elements found in nature: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each of these five elements corresponds to,  and is influenced by, a myriad factors: specific seasons of the year (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter), organ meridians, physical ailments, and harmonizing flavors, colors, sounds, emotions, and breathing and movement practices. We can sustain harmony with inner and outer nature when we adapt to the distinct challenges and merits each season provides.


The Wood element (or Wood “phase”) exerts its greatest influence during spring. Spring exemplifies Wood qualities in the sprouts of green emerging on the branches of trees. Symbolically, this spring momentum pushes us toward our new growth and expansion. Spring is marked by the vernal equinox, and for the next six months, the days continue to grow longer. The power of the sun shines more intensely in our lives, encouraging us to “spring into action” as we launch past winter’s excess or inertia. Flowers bloom all around, filling the space inside and out with fresh perspective and renewed energy.

The changing of the season is beautiful, though it may also be stressful for some of us. …Do you wish to read more on the subject or any of the other informative articles in this issue? Click here for full Publication Body Sense-SPRING 2015