Your Massage Session, Cancer, Portions

Your Massage Session, Cancer, Portions

Your Massage Session

Dialing in the Details for a Great Experience

Karrie Osborn

These basic bodywork etiquette guidelines will help you get the most out of your massage, create a healthy client-therapist relationship, and address some of those unknowns.

It’s All About Timing

Be good to yourself, and show up a few minutes early for your session. This allows you to transition into calm, healing space and focus on the massage. It also ensures you’ll receive your full time allotment for the massage.

When scheduling at a spa, most guests are asked to arrive early to prepare for their session, stow belongings, and even enjoy the facility’s amenities, such as a

be late, and understand that your session must end on time, regardless of when you arrived.

When it comes to cancellations, most spas and private practitioners require a 24-hour notice to avoid fees. Every situation is different, so check with your therapist about his or her specific cancellation policy, and then honor it.

Honor Your Body

Some people have a hard time even considering massage because they are so unhappy with their body. Primarily a female issue, poor body image can be extremely damaging. While it’s hard to imagine that taking your clothes off and… Click here for complete newsletter: Fall 2009-fsa