Body Wisdom, Tapotement, Bodywork Benefits Animal Athletes

Body Wisdom, Tapotement, Bodywork Benefits Animal Athletes

Body Wisdom
Stop and Listen to What Your Body is Telling You

By Ann Todhunter Brode

You’ve been taking care of yourself for many years. Over time, you’ve probably learned a fair amount about what works and what doesn’t. Each time you encountered an injury, illness, change, or challenge, you had an opportunity to nd out more about your body and ne-tune your self-care.

Anytime you include your body as an intelligent partner on life’s journey, you’ll learn something new about yourself. Just put your mind in observation mode, ask a few simple questions, and listen to your body’s response.


Start this process by compiling a few notes to help you take a good look at your health profile. This is more about awareness than a recantation of your health history. Take time to check in and ask what your body thinks. Answering the following prompts will ensure you’ve covered the basics:

Consider your flesh and bones

Do you have the strength and flexibility you want and need? Can you touch your toes and walk up a steep hill? Are you accommodating a long-term injury or chronic weakness? Do you take time to exercise aerobically? What is the condition of the skin on your arms and legs, as well as your face?

Consider your organs and glands

Do you have the energy you need? Does the food you eat give you high-grade fuel? Are you easily startled and/or often anxious? Can you find your calm center whenever you need it? Do your eyes look bright and alert?

Consider your attitude…

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