Fibromyalgia Demystified, Lavender, Probiotics

Fibromyalgia Demystified, Lavender, Probiotics

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Fibromyalgia Demystified: Bodywork as a Key Therapy – by Cathy Ulrich

Jane had just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She was happy to have a name for the mysterious, traveling pain she had felt for some time, but she was still worried about how to deal with it. She’d done research on the Internet, but the information left her more confused. “There are so many causes and ways to treat it,” she said. “I don’t know what to do.” A friend of Jane’s recommended massage as part of her treatment plan. “She said it helped her,” Jane said, “so I’m willing to try.”

For fibromyalgia sufferers, muscle pain, tightness, and general body discomfort can all too often become a way of life. But what is fibromyalgia, and what can be done to help?

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia, which literally means “connective tissue muscle pain,” causes severe tenderness in multiple points throughout the body as well as persistent fatigue, morning stiffness, and non-refreshing sleep. Fibromyalgia is found in about 2 percent of the adult population, and women are five to seven times more likely to have it than men.

Theories about the cause of fibromyalgia include thyroid imbalance, sleep disorders, genetic predisposition, allergies, trauma–especially whiplash injuries–and possibly even viruses. Many who have fibromyalgia syndrome have other conditions as well, including depression, irritable bowel syndrome, chemical sensitivities, intolerance to exercise, restless legs syndrome, extreme sensitivity to cold, and seasonal affective disorder.

Factors At Play

Jay Goldstein, MD, a leading researcher and clinician, identified three common factors in people who are susceptible to fibromyalgia. It’s helpful to consider…Click here for complete newsletter:  Spring 2011-zbt