Maximize Your Massage Experience

Maximize Your Massage Experience

Are You Maximizing Your Massage Experience?

By Kristin Coverly, LMT

Take this short quiz to see if you’re a pro when it comes to receiving massage … or whether your client skills could use a little improvement. Then, read on to become one of your massage therapist’s favorite clients and learn tips so you can get the most from your next massage session.

1. Do you take a moment to do a body-mind check-in before you arrive at your session so you know what you need and want that day?

A. Absolutely; I know exactly what I need! (2 points)

B. I don’t give it a thought until I walk in the door and my therapist asks me where I’d like to focus. (1 point)

2. Is your next massage appointment already scheduled?

A. Of course. I have more than one future session on the calendar! (Congratulations! You’ve earned bonus points for this answer: 4 points)

B. Yes, my next session is on the books. (2 points)

C. Nope. Thanks for the reminder! I’ve been meaning to do that … (0 points)

3. Is your payment ready in advance: check written, credit card easily accessible, or prepaid?

A. Yes. (2 points)

B. No, I don’t think about how I’m going to pay until after the session. (1 point)

4. Have you recently updated your health history form with any changes to your wellness, medication, or emergency contact information?

A. Yes, I conveyed some recent changes about a health condition that was diagnosed, knowing that it may affect how the massage therapist approaches my condition. (2 points)

B. No need; everything’s the same! (2 points)

C. No. I completely forgot to update my massage therapist about recent health changes. (0 points)

5. Do you speak up about your preferences so your therapist can meet your needs (about the depth of touch, pressure, the temperature of the room, music playing, etc.)?

A. Yes, I feel comfortable asking my therapist for what I need. (2 points)

B. No, I want to, but I never know quite what to say. (1 point)

How Did You Do?

(0–8 points) So close! You’re just a few small tweaks away from acing your massage and bodywork experience. Use the following tips to enhance your client skills.

(9–12 points) Congratulations! You’re maximizing your massage and bodywork experience. Read on to learn how to ensure you become one of your massage therapist’s favorite clients. BS-summer-2017