What’s Your Massage & Bodywork Style?

Massage Bodywork, Fibromyalgia, Hydration

What’s Your Massage & Bodywork Style?

What’s Your Massage & Bodywork Style? Find the Right Massage & Bodywork Therapies for You!

Massage therapy is a beautiful mosaic of modalities offering something for everyone. From all ages to most conditions, there’s a bodywork fit. For instance:

• Massage therapy is one of the leading solutions for low-back pain in the United States.
• Conditions ranging from autism to Fibromyalgia can benefit from appropriate bodywork.
• Oncology massage is one of the most popular specialties and is increasingly being integrated into holistic treatment plans.

What’s most important is what massage therapy can do for you. There’s nothing like a one-hour Swedish massage—the most popular form of bodywork offered—to reconnect you with your inner self, invigorate your body, and help you refocus on self-care, but have you ever tried another modality like lymph massage or reflexology?

Following is a guide to help you explore the many types of bodywork. Use the flowchart on the next pages and the corresponding glossary to learn about massage and bodywork for the first time, or to branch out and try something new from the hundreds of touch therapy options.

With so many types of massage and bodywork, chances are your massage therapist has the training and intuition to be able to adapt the work to fit where you are in your life and in your body.

And, if you ever need more information or guidance, be sure to visit www.massagetherapy.com, where we have definitions for every modality and the ability to find a practitioner near you who practices each one of them.

We hope you enjoy the journey on the following pages. (to read the rest of this article, please click here