Sports Massage, Snowflake Effect, Unplug to Recharge

Sports Massage, Snowflake Effect, Unplug to Recharge

Is Sports Massage Right for You?
By Eric Stephenson, LMT

Are you a weekend warrior, self-proclaimed athlete, or someone who just generally likes to push themselves a little too hard at the gym? If that’s the case, then sports massage might be just what the body ordered.

We all know physical activity generates positive health benefits for your body,
but it can also create negative effects that arise when you push past your physical limit. That’s when you show up on our massage tables with injuries related to this overexertion.


Olympic, collegiate, and professional athletes utilize massage therapy to mitigate and recover from sports injuries. Oftentimes, teams employ and even travel with a massage therapist. And research continues to show what athletes already know—massage has a positive effect on athletes and their performance.1

The benefits of sports massage extend beyond professional athletes to anyone who participates in regular exercise. Whether it be golf, tennis, or ballroom dancing, if you engage in physical exercise, sports massage is a good option for you. And, if you suffer from a nagging injury or orthopedic condition that keeps you from performing at your best, sports massage is especially helpful.


Did you know that about 65 percent of injuries—both athletic and lifestyle- related—come from overuse of the muscles? The other 35 percent are caused by true trauma.2

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